Our Mission

  • Reduce the number of New Zealanders developing gut cancer
  • Increase survival rates, life expectancy and quality of life for gut cancer patients

Our Purpose

  • To fund world class, innovative research and clinical trials into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gut cancers to:
    • Accelerate progress through encouraging and funding innovation
    • Bring global clinical trials to New Zealand, giving New Zealanders with gut cancer access to new treatments faster.
    • Enable NZ researchers to build connections with world-class international institutions to keep us at the front line of cancer research
    • Contribute to global knowledge regarding the detection and treatment of cancer
    • Expose NZ researchers to cutting edge technology that can be applied to other locally led research projects.


  • Raise awareness of the causes and symptoms of gut cancers to:
    • Prevent gut cancers through the promotion of healthy diet and lifestyle
    • Reduce stigma associated with Gut Cancer symptoms and promote the importance of visiting your doctor early if symptoms arise